My experience working at Gecko has been great. I got to see the financial side of a theatre company and how much work is put in behind scenes. I was fascinated by Gecko’s work because of how amazing their physical theatre sequences are.

On my first day I was able to get to know the company better by browsing through their website. I watched a few of their performances like The Race and The Arab and The Jew. They were amazing! I also went through the cast and production team so that I could familiarise myself with the team that I would be working with. I then started scanning feedback forms for Pippa and went through highlighting the best feedback comments. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly.

On my second day I sorted through invoices ordering and organising them. I researched all of the schools that they would be touring with and got contact information for all of their drama teachers. I always felt like I was doing something useful or important.

My third and fourth day consisted of phoning all of the local schools and updating their records, booking rehearsal spaces for their tour and filing a lot of papers. On Thursday we also went out on a company lunch which was really nice and fun I got to know the people I was working with much better.

On Friday I did a lot of paper shredding. I also PAT tested all of the electrical appliances in the office to check that they were safe to use. I then typed up a lot of quotes on to a spreadsheet.

I found the second week even better as I was more comfortable and knew everyone better. I carried on with the PAT testing, scanned documents, typed up quotes and then started this blog on the Monday. On my seventh day I updated all of their social media statistics and updated the last bits of the school contact spreadsheet. I liked doing the social media job as I could see all of the amazing things that Gecko had done and achieved through their posts.

On the Wednesday I created another spreadsheet (I was pretty good at them by this point) of all their tours and the details of them. I got to see where Gecko had been and they had been all over the world. I then typed up the feedback comments from workshops in 2016. I also did a bit of work on the blog.

On Thursday I finished all of the feedback spreadsheets worked on my blog and fixed Pippa’s business cards by printing the new information out and cutting it out and sticking them over the old details.

On my last day I finished any last minute jobs, finished my blog and typed up all of the train times for the company’s travel up to Edinburgh.

I was really sad that it was over as it has been the most amazing experience for me. I have really enjoyed these past two weeks and it has helped me gain practical skills and enable me to see the other side of performing. It has also inspired me as I want to be a drama teacher, so all the skills I have learnt will contribute and help me become the best one I can be.