We’ve tried to record and include as much as we can about our process to give you a full picture of how we create a Gecko show. To find out all about our creative process both on and off the stage, please visit our YouTube channel. 

You’ll find interviews with various members of our company talking about aspects of their work in response to questions that we regularly receive from you, including teachers and students.  If you have a question for us, please get in touch via Twitter and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.

We work closely with teachers to consider the current drama curriculum so that we can help young people studying drama and the performing arts achieve the very best outcomes. 

Resource Packs

We have a general company resource pack (suitable for both students and teachers), as well as show-specific resource pack for The Wedding, suitable for teachers who have brought a group to see the show to use in lessons ahead of exams. Please email for your copy.

Ask Gecko

Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ for a Performer

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The Overcoat Commentary

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Tips for Young Artists Starting out

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Chris Swain Talks Lighting

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Tips for Making Theatre

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